The Truth About The NUT CASE BLOGGER and His False and Fake Posting! Knowledge is Power, Caveat Emptor! :)

Readers Emails

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We have gotten several emails from our readers of this site and our old blog. We will post them as they come in and we have left out there names to protect them from the harassment and bullying the nut case blogger is known for.

These readers have asked me to post the truth so everyone can read the real truth and not the fake and false stuff the nut case blogger is posting. The nut case blogger has even gone to great lengths to pressure and bully people or have someone else do it so he can further this one side fake cause.

Many of you have seen how sick and pathetic the nut case blogger is and how funny his ranting has been.

if you want more of the truth posted please send it to :

We all hope the nut case blogger seeks medical help. Because when a person has to spend this much time bullying and down grading others then he is fighting with what he hates about himself in side.


One reader sent this in:

I wanted to send you this email to thank you guys for all the help. Even thou I did not use your services you guys treated me well and gave me advice. I took the advice to heart and I would not be where I am now in body building with out the push you gave me. Just know there are nasty people out there and never let them get you down. Push hard to do what it is you do and never give up. Thanks again for your help!

One reader sent this in:

The reason i sent that email was because my friend at school asked me to. We were in the library at school and he showed me the site and wanted me to share my story. I told the guy i wasn’t in contact with you anymore to appease my friend. I didn’t say you were a fake and i even said that i made a little money, but i didn’t know it was going to get spread across the internet.



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