The Truth About The NUT CASE BLOGGER and His False and Fake Posting! Knowledge is Power, Caveat Emptor! :)

Update: Nut Case Blogger Meltdown

Since we have began taking the NUT CASE bloggers bogus and misleading blog apart it seems he is having a complete MELTDOWN
and posting crazier stuff then normal.

As you can see below a lot of what he post is fake, misleading, and non truthful stuff. His blog is very telling of a pathetic person
who has nothing in life to do but harass and slander people and companies. Many people wonder, what kind of bona fide person who is out to protect the public is hiding since he will not release who he is. The NUT CASE blogger claims he dose not want
to be harassed but in fact he is the harasser.

If the NUT CASE blogger is doing this blog within the law then come out of the closet and identify yourself so you can face the music.
The only reason the NUT CASE blogger will not identify himself is he is scared to face any charges or cases that would be filed
against him.

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  1. October 10, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Keep up the truly amazing posts. I love reading stuff like this.

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