The Truth About The NUT CASE BLOGGER and His False and Fake Posting! Knowledge is Power, Caveat Emptor! :)

Update: Nut Case Blogger Harassment

Again the nut case blogger goes even lower to have his friends pressure someone into sending in a email but as you will see below from the info we have received the mailer only sent it in to appease his friend because of the pressure. The mailer says that I – Models Promotions is not fake and he has made money from there company.

This is what the nut case blogger posted:

Nut Case Blogger False Post

“thank you for putting this blog up. I was approached by this man on social media about 6 months ago and regrettably was talked into signing a contract for i-models promotions llc. While I did make a small amount of money from modeling for him (25 dollars from an underwear photo that he told me was on a shopping website for like 5 minutes) I had no idea what kind of a person he was or anything about his past. When I texted him and asked him wtf was up he got defensive and demanded to know who told me those lies. ive since cut ties with him.”

And this is what we obtained from a source which shows the lengths the nut case blogger will go:

Real Guy Explains

“The reason i sent that email was because my friend at school asked me to. We were in the library at school and he showed me the site and wanted me to share my story. I told the guy i wasn’t in contact with you anymore to appease my friend. I didn’t say you were a fake and i even said that i made a little money, but i didn’t know it was going to get spread across the internet.”

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