The Truth About The NUT CASE BLOGGER and His False and Fake Posting! Knowledge is Power, Caveat Emptor! :)

Update: Victory! Fake FaceBook Profile Shut Down! Victory!

We received several emails from victims of this NUT CASE BLOGGER. He has been contacting people on face book and harassing me. Thanks to you all who reported the harassment. Many people who have emailed us were outraged by the false and misleading info the NUT CASE BLOGGER is putting on his blog.
Since many of you all reported the NUT CASE BLOGGER, We are pleased to announce that his fake face book profile have been labeled as SPAM and identified as ABUSIVE.

Fake Facebook Profile Listed as Fraud

The NUT CASE BLOGGER is harassing other and spamming them with his false blog. Thanks Face book for seeing that this NUT CASE BLOGGER’S fake profiles are a fraud
Keep informing us of the NUT CASE BLOGGERS activities. Its only a matter of time before the NUT CASE BLOGGER is identified and he can be sued and dealt by all these companies in a legal manor.
Also the NUT CASE BLOGGER says he will not identify who he is because he does not want to be harassed but we think its funny that this is the very thing that he is doing. He is contacting people and harassing them on Face Book like a creeper or stalker.

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